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(Archived) Searching Multiple Tags - Exclusion Tags - by Mouse Click / Keys


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(using Evernote for Windows )

I want to use my mouse and click tags to build a searchs by both adding additional tags AND addiing exculusions of tags

These are the mouse and keystrokes for seaching tags

Left click mouse - Selects a tag to seach

Shift-Click - Sellects all the tags between and including this tag and the previous one sellected

Alt-Click - Adds this addition tag to the already sellected

?????? - Excludes notes with this tag from the already sellected

What is the quick key for this? It use to be something like Ctrl-Alt-Click. and I can't find it listed anywhere in the forum or wiki. This use to work

So to clearify what I am trying to do. instead of typing this:

tag:a tag:b tag:c tag:f -tag:m

I want to be able to do this:

Left mouse click tag:a

Shift-click tag:c (picks up all the tags a to c)

alt-click tag:f (adds f to the seach)

_____-click:m (but exlude tag m)
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There is no quick key/Shortcut for this operation that I know of (it would need to add a -tag:<tag name> term to the current search query. I can't remember that it ever worked, but I'll take your word for it. Even so...

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