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Select and move tool is over sensitive

Rob H


When using the pen tool, it is hard to draw new lines that start near an existing item because the existing item tends to get selected rather than creating a new one. This then triggers a move of the existing item. The problem is made worse by zooming in.

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Yes, this problem is driving me crazy, crazy enough to ditch Skitch altogether and look for another app (along with not being able to set my own defaults, so have to reset colour and line size every damn time). I am trying to draw lines that cross each other and I just can't do it, each time it switches to the move tool instead. Why can't it stay in the pen tool until I tell it I'm done with that, and want to switch to the move tool?

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@Rob H & BloackCloudCat - How close together are you drawing the lines?


If you start outside the existing line's selection area (which is pretty tight to the line) then you should have no issue drawing a line overlapping another. For ex: If you were drawing a plus sign (+) so long as your crossbars were not tiny, you can easily draw a plus without picking one line up or the other. Likewise if you do it before the ink "dries" (while it is still faded out) you will not pick up the first line, instead you'll draw 2 lines and then when they dry they'll become a single object.


Also what kind of lines or shapes are you trying to draw that you're running into this problem?

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I came up with a work-around, drawing the line elsewhere on the photo and then moving it into the position I wanted. I was trying to draw lines fairly close together and some that crossed over each other - I was trying to show a rough design for a railing put onto a photograph of a wall. Then I got a string of the cocoa error 133020 syncing thing on the ipad and had to default to getting the images onto my mac via photostream. I really like skitch most of the time, but it can be frustrating. And I'd really like to be able to set my own defaults. The default line width is too fat for what I want to do. 

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@BlackCloudCat - We're working on fixing the cocoa error and should have a new version submitted to Apple very soon. It'll still take a few days for them to review and approve after that. 


All of the objects have some space around them in order to let you tap a line, on iOS the minimum recommended size for a finger tip is a 40x40 point box. This sounds pretty small, but it's the size of an average finger tip which means we can't quite get pin point precision.

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I'm having this issue simply trying to highlight sentences in a PDF. Is this app not optimized for stylus input? Seems to work much better if I just use my fingertip, but seeing as I swap back and forth between Skitch and Penultimate when doing my studying, I keep defaulting to trying to use my Jot Pro. Also, it's -very- laggy when selecting between scrolling and highlighting tools. Just wondering if this is normal.

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