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(Archived) Evernote - Hyperlinks - For Specific File Extensions



I am trying in Evernote to set up Hyperlinks for the following file extensions on an iMac with all software being at the latest versions:

+ *.m4v, *,m4a, *.mov, and *.pdf

I have been able to only get this to work very sporadically, with emphasis on sporadic. And, I have absolutely no clue as to why it sometimes works, and most of the time it does not.

1- For each of these 4 file type extensions I have associated a specific application, for all files, to each one:

*.m4v = QuickTime Player.app

*.m4a = QuickTime Player.app

*.mov = QuickTime Player.app

*.pdf = Skim.app

NOTE: For this issue, all of the above files exist solely on my hard drive: Macintosh HD

In addition, I have associated other apps for QuickTime Player (VLC.app, and iTunes.app), but the results are always the same - i.e. sporadic.

2- Here is an example of how each have been set up; in this case I am using *.pdf with the Skim.app:

a- Within a given note in Evernote, I have a text string: Exposure For Outdoor Photography - Michael Frye

b- I use Get Info on that file to find its exact path: file:///Users/bamboo_water/Documents/0 - MY PRIMARY DOCUMENTS/PHOTOGRAPHY/0 - PHOTOGRAPHY - TRAINING - VIDEOS - BOOKS/BOOKS/Exposure For Outdoor Photography - Michael Frye.pdf

c- I go to the text string in Evernote: Exposure For Outdoor Photography - Michael Frye, enter Command+k, and press OK.

d- I press Synchronize just to make sure Evernote is seeing my changes.

e- I then click/double-click, neither matters, and nothing happens. No errors, no hyperlinking -- nothing.

f- Just for grins I go back into the Hyperlink on the text and check to see what it is: file:///Users/bamboo_water/Documents/0%20-%20MY%20PRIMARY%20DOCUMENTS/PHOTOGRAPHY/0%20-%20PHOTOGRAPHY%20-%20TRAINING%20-%20VIDEOS%20-%20BOOKS/BOOKS/Exposure%20For%20Outdoor%20Photography%20-%20Michael%20Frye.pdf

I see nothing wrong with the above since replacing spaces with %20 is normal.

4- Again, the above example is for *.pdf files, but I need to have this working for all four file types: *.m4v, *,m4a, *.mov, and *.pdf

5- I have seen various notes in this forum regarding Hyperlinking, and I have found nothing that would give me a clue as to why my Hyperlinking is not working.

If anybody has any ideas, they would be deeply appreciated.

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