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(Archived) Image Rotation and Proportions

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Most of the time I rotate an image, it doesn't change it's actual orientation. If I have a portrait oriented image that needs to be rotated counter clockwise, the image does not change from portrait to landscape; however, the pixels do which results in an out of proportion (tall and thin) image. Oddly, once I find an image like this, I can never change its physical orientation. I can rotate the pixels to fit the perpetual portrait orientation but I can never cause the portrait oriented "frame" to change to landscape. I can only rotate the pixels and alter the proportions.

Some images seem to be immune from this and rotate properly but most of them don't.

Another troubling thing is that the image orientation on my iPad and iPhone is always opposite of what it is from within my Mac Evernote version 5.04.

Unfortunately, this means that taking photos from within Evernote is not only unreliable but useless. It wouldn't be so bad if the images could be fixed from within Evernote but it seems like there is no way to ever salvage these notes. They can only be started over from scratch being sure to NOT take the photos from within the app. Sadly, someone went to a lot of trouble to implement this (and it sounds terrific) but it turns out to be useless.

I do own one of the Evernote Moleskin books but haven't had a chance to use; so, I'm wondering if my orientation issues will prevent this from working in a usable manner.


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