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(Archived) Links in a clipped webpage don't seem to work


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I'm brand new to Evernote, so this may be a really basic question. When I clip a webpage and save it as a note, the embedded links look like real links, but none will actually open the webpage they're supposed to. I'm sure I'm overlooking something really easy!

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Sorry no-one responded to your post. Let me know if you are still having trouble with links, I'll do what I can, one user to another. Most of the time, links in a clipped Web page will work from within Evernote. In my experience, the clipper and Evernote itself only have a problem when web page developers try to cloak their links with JavaScript, or something like that. Can you provide a link to the web page you had the problem with?

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Thank you for your reply John...

After I posted, I noticed that I was occasionally getting a notification that my browser needed additional log on information. I "Googled" that message and eventually found the problem was not Evernote, but IE9. I'm not sure what happened in the upgrade from 8 to 9, but I had to go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Reset. This resolved several issues with IE9 including not being able to link to a website from Evernote.



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