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(Archived) Evernote working with Google Calendar

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I am reasonably new to EN and I am looking for some advice. When I create a new note it obviously looks at my Google calendar and asks to create a note from my current appointment. Is there anyway that I can then link this note back to that appointment and view it from Google Calendar? The reason I ask is that I am a service engineer and jobs are sent to me via Google calendar. I have to make extensive notes on each job sent through so thought I may be able to do it via EN.

Please help

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Hi - the feature you're seeing is 'Smart Titles' which you can switch on and off rather easily via ~Settings ~Other Options ~Enable Auto-title. Other than that Evernote doesn't check out your calendar entries, and there's no way from within Evernote to link notes and appointments, except to paste a link to your individual note into an appointment. There are a few calendar apps out there which try to do what I think you want. I use Meshin Calendar and am currently trialling Everbot (which apparently recently renamed itself to Powerbot). Try a search to keep up to date with the options available.

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