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(Archived) Evernote Desktop Passcode lock


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What's the likelihood of Evernote Desktop having a Simple Passcode feature?

If you want us to put everything on Evernote, this feature is the least you can do. Yes, it does not add much security since someone can copy over the database, but it's main purpose it to keep prying eyes away, say when lending your PC to a friend to send a quick email. If they "accidentally" opened Evernote, at least all they can see is blank items (passcode protected).

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I would consider simply logging out of Evernote if lending your computer over to someone else. Then if they open Evernote, it'll open the login screen. That'll give you some privacy (but not much security as you pointed out)

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I know this is a Windows post - but on the Mac version - when you log off -  the screen which allows you to log in again - has a "stay logged in" check box.  


Unchecking that forces you to put in your password every time you open Evernote.


This helps with some basic two two step authentication. 


1. Need to have access to my machine to get access to Evernote

2. Need Evernote account password to open application


Not sure if it works the same for the Windows version. 

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There's a lot more at stake than just your Evernotes data if you give your computer to a friend for them to use for 'a quick email'....


As jefito says, set them up with a Guest account and either log out of your windows session or switch users.  That way you're protecting ALL your data  AND your identity, not just your Evernotes data.


You have got a password on your Windows account on your computer, haven't you????



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There is some data that I don't have in Evernote precisely because it has been hacked before and eventually it will 'probably' happen again.  I don't put that data in the cloud...anywhere in the cloud (or on anyone else's server).  Evernote, if you really want to do it right...


1. Make it possible to have a notebook on a mobile device that does not sync at all - this keeps it off the cloud, yes, someone can still get the actual device.


2. Make it possible to encrypt a separate notebook.  I don't want to enter a passcode every single time I enter Evernote.  There are many notes that I pop into quickly, leave evernote, pop back in 10 minutes later, leave again.  The "passcode everything" strategy detracts too much from the ease and lightning speed that currently makes Evernote so useful.


I'm not complaining...just suggesting ways for the future for Evernote to remain the note repository leader that it currently is.


~ Satisfied Longterm Premium User

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