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(Archived) Problem upgrading to premium

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have tried to upgrade for past 2 days and it says "performing maintenance" and won't allow it--anyone else know what is going on. Made the mistake of adding the Eyefi service and quickly blew through my upload limit after a few photos were synced---good warning for others. The Eyefi linkage is really cool, but the eyefi card will send all photos to evernote and quickly use all of your upload limit

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I haven't heard about this problem ... it seems to be working now.

When you saw the error, was this coming from an Evernote page, or did the error come from Google? (Our commerce is handled by Google Checkout.)

If you still see this, could you try submitting a screen shot of the error in your browser?


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Hi - I also had a weird problem when I upgraded to premium. I tried to upgrade from both Firefox and Safari several different times (several hours apart from each other), and each time, the browser would hang at some point in the Google Checkout transaction. Sometimes at the point where I had to enter my credit card; others at the point I was to authorize the transaction. One time I left it for about 15 minutes and it never responded.

The "fix" was to try from another computer. Google Checkout accepted everything on the new machine instantly. Still don't know why.

Probably not helpful, but it's another experience.

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I upgraded to premium today and it has been over and hour and still no changes to my account. is this supposed to be instant? I did receive a receipt from google checkout (the transaction has been completed). As far as I have seen this forum is the only way to contact the company. am I just being impatient?

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I checked on your order, and it looks like it's still "in progress" on Google's side. We're waiting for the notification from them that it's completed. You may want to check the email from them to see if it contained any instructions.

Unfortunately, the "in progress" status at Google is a bit opaque to us ... we don't really know what's going on until it's done.

I've manually bumped your permission level to "Premium" on our side without changing your monthly quota. This would let you take advantage of the other Premium features (like file attachments) until the purchase goes through.


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Hi from Down Under :)

I've been trialling the free version of Evernote, across a Mac, PC, and iPhone, and am very impressed.

Now I'm trying to upgrade to Premium, but the only option for paying is via Google Checkout - which I do NOT want to use!

Surely there must be other options?

PayPal ?

Direct credit card facility ?

I have a PayPal account, but do not want to register for Google Checkout as well. I have a general Google email account, which I never use, but for Google Checkout I need to fax drivers license and all sorts of nonsense. I'm a bit (!) security paranoid, and while I like Google, I am not keen on faxing highly sensitive stuff like drivers license to them. Their databases are enormous, and perpetual. A drivers license is the best way to steal an identity! Especially if it is linked to a credit card number. And it has my signature on it...

I refuse to use Google Checkout, but would like to upgrade to Premium, as Evernote looks like becoming my "go-to" app across my platforms.

What other options do I have?

Pete, Brisbane, Australia.


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Thanks Dave :)

May I suggest both PayPal, and also direct credit card transaction?

And maybe in the next couple of weeks rather than the next few months?

Do you get the impression that I'm fairly keen to upgrade? ...... ;) Heheh :)

One question - nothing to do with upgrading - how can I get the same columns in the Mac version (eg Tags) as I can get in the PC version? I'm referring to List View....

I have tagged several notes that I want at the top, and have the PC version sorted on that column. But I can't do that on the Mac......

Thanks again for a great app - FBT (Fan-Bloody-Tastic) as we say here Down Under :shock:

Pete, Brisbane, Australia.


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