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(Archived) Import MyInfo files?


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Has anyone successfully imported MyInfo files into Evernote? Evernote forum search insists on separating MyInfo into 'my info' thus resulting in zillions of irrelevant returns.

I saw info on Evernote site that I understood to mean I need a premium account to import anything but PDF and pix into free version. Is that correct? Here's the rub: I don't want to pay for premium if I can't import MyInfo files, so I need to know that others have done so successfully.

I am also wondering about exporting MyInfo db's in one of several formats they support and then importing into Evernote. Can Evernote import formats such as comma delimited successfully? Evernote Help info on such topics seems limited - unless I haven't done searches correctly.

MyInfo is perfect for my needs, by the way, but isn't cross-platform and doesn't promise to be anytime soon.

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