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(Archived) Evernote to UPad login issues

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Ok so I have been using Evernote on my iPad, I just recently downloaded Upad which is an awesome app and it has the feature to export PDFs to evernote which comes in extremely handy except that Evernote won't give me a full login screen, it says i need to login. This is from Upad, I select upload PDF to evernote, it comes up and says need to login, I go to settings and it pops up a screen that says cancel in the top left, then in the middle of the screen it says Welcome Back, and looks just like the Evernote login screen yet the bottom of it is cut off and it won't let me scroll up move around or anything to get to it... what the heck is going on????????? HELP!!!! I have attached a photo so you can hopefully see what it is doing.. any insight would be extremely helpful. Thanks


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