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(Archived) Drag-n-Drop for E-mail


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I'm still using the 2.0.3 beta and find I've lost ANOTHER capability. I can no longer drag an image into an e-mail I've composed. Why do you keep taking away capabilities when you "moderize" your once fine product?

Yes, I know I can use "export arrow" that has a pull down menu, whatever you call it. But it generates a new mail with the image there. I want to use the image in a mail I've already composed or in response to an e-mail I've already received.

Yes, I know I can drag to the file system, then drag that into Mail.app but why go thru that hassle.

So, to summarize, I still want the option to save directly to my local file system via the Save menu, just like 1.x and I want to drag images into Mail or any other app that will receive them.

--Bob, a frustrated user.

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Hi Bob

Dragging an image to email should still be working, although there is a odd little bug we've seen happen very occasionally where you need to hover about 5 seconds over the drag target before it's accepted. Can you confirm the filename you are using? This may be a related issue.

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Well it seems to work now. When I wrote my complaint it did't.

I no longer have that particular file saved. However, I did just perform a screen capture and drug to my desktop. That name is Screenshot_12_26_1_49_PM.jpg. I also drug it from Skitch to a mail I was composing so I don't know why it misbehaved that one day.

I suppose you can close this trouble ticket but I really, really want my issue of saving to the local file system like 1.x to stay on the books of customer requests.

Thanks for the reply,


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