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I would be really helpful to be able to export the text notes in a standard format e.g. csv or outlook. the challenge with entering a lot of data in a proprietary format is that if for some reason you have to change notes program later then you are really stuck. I used phatnotes for mobile pc and also their desktop version for many years and was able to export them and import into outlook. Swithched to mac and an iphone and love the fact that my notes are on my iphone/desktop/web. The program is great. I am just a bit nervous entering a lot of data without a way to back it up in some standard format. Thanks--great work on a great program.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We currently support export to a simple XML format that would be relatively easy to process elsewhere, but we plan to improve our exporting options, especially on the Mac.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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