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(Archived) Changing evernote folder location


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I think i may have goofed here. I moved the folder that had my local notes and evernote is not seeing the DB file or the attachments for the notes now. I moved the files back and it is not seeing them after that attempt to reverse my move. How do i pull that 125 mb file back into the applicaiton so i can see my notes again?

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You do know that in tools=> options, at the bottom, is the path to the Evernote folder?

And if you moved the stuff without updating this, and ran the client, it might have created a new db?

Try shutting down the client via file=> logoff, then make sure that path points right.

It points to the whole folder, and not just the db. Of course, make sure you know the password first.

Just suggestions. Good Luck!

By the way, if you were connected and allowed a sync, and regardless, I would log on to the web version, and check that everything seems to match.

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Great!! I was able to validate the settings and get my files moved back. It looks like i activated the software, and with no files there, the app created a new set which blocked my previous attempts to restore. The screen clipping tool activated with that original activation and was keeping me from deleteing the newly created evernote folder. After shutting that down and coping the files again i was able to relaunch the applicaiton and everythign appears to be there. Thank you very much.

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Oh good! Glad it worked. But, I would add a note, and slightly update another note, then do a sync. Then I would go to www.evernote.com and log onto it, and make sure theose notes updated, and that everything such as counts at the bottom of the screen for various folders matches up, as far as you can tell. Just being careful. Good luck!

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