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Evernote Windows - recover lost offline note...


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Hi guys,

I just had the most troubling thing happening to me...

Without me seeing my domain account was instead of the c:\users\....\evernote\databases using c:\temp\users\......\evernote\databases to save the notes file.

I also did not synchronize the contents I wrote for 2 weeks and..suprise reboot -> all lost

I used a deleted file recovery software and got back 3 different versions of .exb files but unfortunately if I copy them to the databases directory (one at a time + testing of course), then opening Evernote leads to a message saying: can't create table.

I do not have many notes in there (4-5 Mb are the recovered files) but those few notes are quite important.

Any idea if there is any way / evernote tool that might help recover the contents from one of those recovered .exb files ? (they have to have something inside of them)

I also emailed support in the meantime but the first reply I got so far was a copy-paste saying how to restore notes (+export them to a file) and was ignoring in fact most of what I wrote in my e-mail :) guess they do receive a large number of similar issues and so someone skipped my message contents.

Can someone please give me a saving solution ?

I am really sad with what happened and it was my fault for not having synced.

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Hey, it might sound bad reviving an old topic, but I'd like to know any options concerning this kind of issue. I was in the middle of syncing last night and my computer suddenly turned off. When I got into Evernote again, I got the ERROR: CANT_CREATE_TABLE, so I followed Jefito's advice here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/19667-cant-create-table/. Evernote is working all right, but I'd like to know if there is a way I can get the notes that I wasn't able to sync last night (and are probably somewhere in the "corrupted" .exb file). Hope for a reply soon. Thanks :D

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