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(Archived) Don't want synchronisation and still synchronized


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When I go into my account parameters on my android device I see :

-> Automatic Synchronisation (it's in french but whatever).

I have no wifi and don't want my data usage to reach my provider cap.

So I set this option to "no synchronisation". I only want my notes with the photo in it to stay on my device, that's totally ok.

Unfortunately, my notes are immediately synchronized to the web.

What's the point of disabling sync if the app doesn't care?

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I believe that that setting refers to automatic background syncing. Evernote needs to sync on mobile devices, as it cannot guarantee that notes can be stored on your device, subject to local storage limitations. Premium users can designate notebooks as offline, and Evernote will try to keep their contents cached, but there are no options to mark a notebook as local (i.e., non-synced) on mobile devices.

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