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Feature/Interface Request: Auto note title display for "Untitled Notes"

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I'm not in the habit of giving titles to every single note. My notes are often only a few words long, and a title would seem redundant, not to mention a lot of extra work when I just want to jot something down for future reference.

In list view, notes without titles have "Untitled Note" in big bold letters. A long list of "Untitled Notes" is not very helpful, especially since the "Untitled Notes" text is black and bold while the note preview is small and grey.

It would be much more convenient if the spot where "Untitled Note" sits now, were replaced automatically with the first few words of the note.

So that

Untitled Note

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...

becomes simply

Lorem ipsum...

This would make Evernote much cleaner, more useful and more convenient IMHO.


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What Evernote client are you using? The Windows Evernote client does this in most, if not all situations.

Yeah, unfortunately the Mac client does NOT do this. It's a feature from windows that I REALLY miss. :(

+1 for adding this into the Mac version!

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