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(Archived) New thought on EN checklists

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A nice idea but to be truly usable that would require the ability to edit a title in place - to check the checkbox when a task was done. Plus they'd have to make sure searches could filter out checked (or unchecked) items based on the title.

But I really do like this idea. Anyone know if the ENEX format prohibits this?

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I don't think that that works. I exported a note to ENML format, then opened it up in a text editor. Found the <title></title> tags, and plopped an Evernote todo tag inside (<en-todo />). Saved it, and imported it back into Evernote. No todo in the title, and when I exported that back out from Evernote, found that the <en-todo /> had been stripped, probably on import. Haven't looked at the DTD to see if this is expressly prohibited or allowed.

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Thanks @jefito for doing something I couldn't be bothered to do. :-)

:) shows something about me, I guess... set a can down on the road, and my first impulse is to kick it...

Actually, IMO, it shows the mentality of a community. We all have our triggers, strong points & time constraints. Especially true during this holiday/busy time/season.

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My bigger concern in all of this is that, while I've heard that EN is promising a more robust checklist feature in the near future, I would hate for Evernote to become loaded down in its functioning and thought this route might be the easiest code-wise since I wouldn't assume it would change the structure of the rest of the program too much. I hate when a great product gets locked down by code changes for new features that end up wrecking the simplicity and good functioning of the product.

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