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(Archived) keyboard accessibility issues



-- the notebook list drop-down menu in the Note toolbar no longer opens up when we Tab to it. Once highlighted (after Tabbing to it) neither the Enter key nor the down-arrow key will open the list. It seems the only way to open the list of notebooks in this toolbar is to click on it. Even trying to type the desired notebook name while the widget has focus does nothing. This makes filing from my inbox more of a chore and is contra to all accessibility standards. Am I missing a way to open the list with the keyboard? If not, please open the list onFocus? or at least on down arrow? thanks

-- used to be able to tab from a highlighted row in list view to the objects in the note's toolbar. Seems that is gone too, the only way I can find to switch from the notelist pane to focus on the note itself is by clicking on the note's toolbar or body. Please restore the behavior that allowed us to Tab from a selected note in the note list to the note itself?

NOTE: Tabbing from the note list to the note detail pane does work in Snippet view, but is broken in list and in card view.

-- In expanded card view I can't find a way via the keyboard to open a selected note. I've tried Enter (both "return" and "enter" à la Mac's distinction), space bar, command-O, nothing seems to work. Is there a keyboard shortcut for this or must we double-click? If there is no shortcut, could you add one?


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Okay, this is very helpful, but I'm definitely with inkazar on this one. There just isn't an intuitive way using the keyboard to navigate the note list, open notes, and then jump back to the note list. My first instinct is to keep hitting TAB hoping it will do something. And then I try various combinations of other buttons with TAB. Just throwing in my two cents.

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I keep discovering more and more objects and functions that one cannot navigate to or manipulate via the keyboard. I don't have time to go through everything and make a comprehensive list. This morning's example:

In the Tags page, I wish to delete obsolete tags with no notes. So I sort the tags by note count and click on the last one in the list.

What I'd like to do is, using the keyboard, select those tags with note count = 0 and delete them all at once. Can't do it with shift-click. I must command-click on each and every one... Right?

Once one or more tags is selected, I cannot delete it by pressing Backspace, Delete or Command-Delete. No other keystroke would be even remotely intuitive on a Mac. I must right-click and choose Delete from the contextual menu. Right?

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I'd like to clarify that I *can* press Shift-Click to multiselect notes, but it has the same behavior as Command-Click (the mac way to multi-select discontiguous objects) rather than the standard behavior we expect from Shift-Click (the mac way to block-select a group of objects)

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1. Space should work if the notebook selector is focused. You can also use CMD-CTRL-M.. then start typing.

ah, thanks. Still I think most users think of Space as an action that dismisses a dialog, not that opens one. IMO it would be great to add typing any alphanumeric key, and the down arrow as onAction triggers here.

2. CMD-L should get you into a Note's Title. Tab from there will go to the body.

OK. Hadn't thought of that. But please note that one can Tab from the note list into the Note pane in snippet view. But not in List or Card view, thus the UI is inconsistent on this point.

3. Good call! On it!

Thanks for posting!

Thanks for responding!

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