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(Archived) Very Dissatisfied with Tech Support



Ticket 16051-201618

Has been open for close to two weeks. To summarize I got a new mac, installed latest evernote and notes would not download, went through Chat Support, downgraded, uninstalled wiped etc.. all per their direction. All to no avail. I submitted logs, and everything asked of me. I chase down support and am told the issue is in developers now.

Last night I get an email from support, oh you're running an older version of evernote please upgrade. Seriously you all told me to downgrade do you even write these things down in the ticket? Did you even read the ticket? Better yet why was I told my issue was in developers hands when its not? So I upgraded to 5.0.4 yeah no change its still broke. I replied all with latest log files.

I am a premium subscriber and have been since the beginning of EN. I have content in EN for family tree info that I was going to review with family over the holiday, increase font size for them, display on TV get feedback fix it etc... Now however I have to print a TON of notes for people to review individually and manually write down changes as my grandmother does not have Internet. Thank goodness I do not keep family recipes in EN as we would not be eating.

If anyone cares at EN I have been hard pressed to find that person, there is no communication method to speak to a human, get an update, ask for status, you know COMMUNICATE which if I had so I can understand what is happening. I feel like I have tossed money into evernote for years and when I need help no one is there. no sense of ownership, no communication just tossed into the abyss that is software software.

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I'm sorry for the issue you're having. It appears that when your ticket was transferred from chat, your Premium status wasn't correctly listed, and you've been in our Free queue. I've corrected this and you should be handled properly from now on.

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I had two employees post that you might be able to help, what should my expectation be here in regards for assistance as evernote is still broken and while talking about support and helping in a forum gives a great impression to others nothing has been fixed or resolved.

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I see that your ticket was replied to earlier today, and now shows that you are Premium - please do check your spam folder to ensure you have received it, and follow the instructions sent by the technician.

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Yes I received the email from support at 7:18 PM, I immediately executed the steps requested and began testing. I notified the technician at 7:23 PM that the steps had no effect at correcting the problem I was experiencing. I also included the latest logs. Surprised you did not see my reply in the ticket can you please make them aware evernote is still broken.

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That's really odd - I just pulled your ticket and looked at the latest log, and it doesn't reflect a clean installation of the database at all. It's still showing results back a few weeks. Something must be stopping your machine from allowing you to remove your database files, which is keeping the corruption intact.

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Interesting as I look through the logs I see evernote recreate the directories that tech support had me move i also see though that it thinks it found a app store data path

foo/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/Evernote/accounts/Evernote/foo

which i most definitely looked for and did not see in finder, I just now shelled out and via CLI that directory does not exist. next steps?

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Hidden by heather, December 20, 2012 - personal info

Attached is the activity Log I appreciate your offer of assistance will I have to begin printing or is someone able to help sooner rather than later? I dont see how to attach logs to a case so here is the dropbox link


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