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(Archived) Feature Request: Improvements to Tag filter



I really like the new tag filter in Evernote 5:


I love how it only shows the tags that are present in the current selection of notes. It really helps drilling through my tasks!

However, I feel like it is screaming out for some improvements:

1 - The selected filter should not disappear when I move to another notebook

2 - The tag filter feature should not disappear when I enter a search - it should still be present and only show tags that are in the filtered notes

3 - I need a better view of the tags I've already selected. In this example, I can only see two, but there are more and deleting them is a pain.

4 - I would like to the the nested hierarchy of the tags, even if the parent tags are not present in the selected notes (perhaps those tags could be greyed-out).

5 - It would be nice if I could easily select more than one tag at time. Right now, if I select a tag, the list of tags disappear and if I want to add another tag to the filter, I have to open up the list again.

These changes would make a drastic improvement to product. Please help me out!

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Has anyone at Evernote looked at iPhoto's tag filter - which is not only user friendly, but allows BOTH multi-tag filtering and NOT-tags as well.  Please tell me this is in the works.  It would blow the socks of all competitors!

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