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(Archived) Please bring back changing the Note Modified Date!



Hi All and Evernote,

I used to be able to change the "Note Modified" value to push older notes down in my notebook list view because sometimes I wanted to go back and add tags to notes or change something minor and not push it back up to the top.

Now in 5.0.4 I noticed these fields are not able to be changed, It would be really amazing if this could be reverted back, it seems like a very simple and minor change and I'm sure i'm not the only one who uses it.

Or I'd also be happy with a setting that would make it so adding tags to notes does not affect it's modified date


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You can still change the modified date. Click on the italic "i" in the note pane to bring up the Show Note Info popup (shift+CMD+i works too) and change the date in the "Updated" field. Works the same as it ever did.

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