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(Archived) Evernote features

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I really don't know what people find good in evernote. More than hundred times I tried to come back and use it but asap i get in, it's really disappointing. Why using an app that doesn't have even the basic editing features. It doesn't have the option to rezise photos and opening Photoshop to do that as it is shown in an evernote demo is pain in the as*. My eye isn't a damn ruler to find out how much inch or pixel I need to resize that photo without seeing it. I need to try that 4 or 5 times until i find the size that I like. Is that hard for evernote team to put more features for text formatting or just type boring stuff.

Here are some screenshots of OneNote(Web app) and Evernote. Text is in my native language. The only problem with OneNote is that you have to install completely Microsoft Office which I don't use. Sorry for my English and large images




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Thanks for your comments, but if Evernote did exactly the same thing as OneNote there'd be no way to tell them apart. Evernote says quite clearly that their job is to help you remember things, and they'll copy web pages, pictures, scans, emails, music and a thousand other things to help you do that. Evernote doesn't help you format documents or web pages. It's different from OneNote. If you like and understand what Evernote does, use it. If you prefer OneNote you should use that. end of story.

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