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(Archived) Negation of notebook searches not working?



I opened a bug report for this already, but wanted to ask here in case someone had a workaround: it seems that you can't negate notebook searches in 5.0.4. The query:


Returns ONLY notes from "Logbook" instead of all notes EXCEPT those in "Logbook".

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There a few ways to get around the negative notebook search restriction. I have a notebook that only contains political web clippings. I make sure that all those notes are tagged with Z. To suppress those notes, I include -tag:z in my search.

Also, BitQwik recently added Multiple Notebook support.

You can do queries like “Show me notes in my Robotics, Science, or Electronics notebooks.”

You can also exclude notes by the Notebook they’re in. For example “Show me notes I created today. Leave out notes in my Robotics or Science notebooks”.

The only hiccup I have encountered is when I a run a search that results in hundreds of results.

The more precise the search is, the better the results are.

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That said, just because it has always been that way doesn't mean that it isn't a bug.

Bugs are variances from the design. But this property of Evernote search is by design as the linked page indicates -- it's explicit in the search grammar that notebooks are not negatable. So it's really not a bug. Now you may disagree with the design (and I have a few issues with the search grammar too), but that's a different matter...

JBenson's tag solution is a good workaround for this issue. BitQwik may or may not support multiple notebooks (I can't remember), but it's definitely worth checking out for Windows users (I realize that you're not).

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