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(Archived) Just Created a GROUP


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. . . to see how it works and when I went to customize, it appears that members will have access to all of my information on Evernote, when I wanted to make only one Notebook available. Am totally new to this process and just figuring out the hierarchy in structure has given me a bit of a headache so any help would be appreciated. Basically what I am asking is, "Can I make only One Folder/Notebook/Section available to the group and protect all of my personal data.

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Thanks but I wasn't given an option when I formed the GROUP. I had to cancel my current subscription and resubscribe to the Premium with GROUPS and then it gives me the option to create an Invitation to add a member so I sent two invites out. But when I went to indicate what they were being invited to . . . there were no options. Its just open. The help section only shows how to add members . . .

I thought maybe I go to each notebook and indicate if it can be shared but when you do that it asks you to email that person. They are member of my group already so I wouldn't invite them again? If you would be kind enough to direct me to a help section that might be more thorough on this then the previous one I read it would be great.

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