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(Archived) Is This A Good Way To Store Docs?

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Hi All,

One of the reasons I upgraded to a business account was to allow the sharing of two key types of documents.

1. MS Word quotations organised by year

2. PDF files of datasheets and manuals of all the products we deal with

I have started by adding a folder for the 2012 Quotations and using 'Import Folders' to link to the directory where the 2012 quotations are kept on my computer. After some trial and error I can now see this will work as long as I only save the Word document once. It then becomes a new 'Note' inside the 2012 quotations folder in Evernote. If I want to make a change I need to open the quotation within Evernote.

The question I have for you!

Is this a sensible way to use the modern version of Evernote? I have seen various questions and statements about this in the past. I am not sure how new this is, but I can now do a quick view of the Word document on any device. This is one of the key reasons I wanted to do this. So it looks good to me.

But what happens when I upload the last 10 years of quotations? Will it slow Evernote down? Or will this only happen during the initial upload?

One of the benefits of storing the Quotations this way, is I can see a method of not having to print them out in the future. As a Quotation becomes an order, my company reference number will be put inside the quotation note along with the date. This can then be moved into a '2012 Quotations Ordered' sub folder or some such similar name. This means, from wherever I am I can check which quotations have been ordered and which not. You will see how easy it becomes to 'pop' in when passing a customer and find out why they have not ordered or when the order is due. A great and easy sales tool!

The pdf's once stored will also be useful. Either when in with a customer and wanting to have a look with them at a specific feature. Or to even email whilst on the road, via the iPad or even my phone! Again a great sales tool.

Thanks for your help and advice.

Best regards


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