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(Archived) Henous bug deletes audio recordings as soon as they are stopped



Wow, Evernote for Mac 5.0.4 has a heinous bug.

1.) In new note, hit mic icon to show recording bar.

2.) Press Record button and record audio.

3.) Press Save.

At this point, I expect to have a recorded audio file appear in my note. But that doesn't happen.

4.) Instead, the Record button turns into a Play button.

5.) Navigate away from the note, or press the Done button. The recording disappears and all of the data is lost.

Really egregious, data-destroying bug.

Repeatable for me about 80% of time on 2012 MacBook Pro 15" with 10.8.2.

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I'm seeing this too. Same version 5.0.4 (400702) on a MacBook Pro.

It seems that when the cursor (caret) is at the beginning of a line or on a line by itself the audio is saved properly. But if the cursor is in the middle of some text or at the end of a text line the audio simply vanishes.

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Yes, that is exactly right. I imagine that this is related to the bug where you cannot paste in an image if the caret is placed after some text on a line.


1. copy an image to the clipboard, e.g. Cmd-Shift-Control-4 to copy a section of the screen

2. Create a new note in Evernote

3. Type "abc" on a line and then try to paste the image. It silently fails and nothing happens.

If you hit Return to make a new line and paste the image without entering any text, it does work.

That is annoying in and of itself, but deleting potentially hours of audio recording elevates it to a new level. It is disappointing to see Evernote shipping with a bug this serious for more than a month (particularly a bug so easy to find and reproduce).

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I agree! I've been trying to use Evernote to record lectures while in class as well as take notes and it records the entire time but none of them have been saved. This is ridiculously frustrating, especially since I've been trying to troubleshoot and there don't seem to be any solutions. Also, not only does the audio note refuse to save, Evernote recognizes that there should be some sort of audio file there, as there is a WAV file image on top of the note itself (but there's no actual file when the note is opened). Ugh.

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I don't use the Evernote recording feature much, so this will not help in this regard, but I highly recommend the free program Audacity. It gives you a lot of control over your recordings, and after you finish using it, you can just drag the file into a note in your account. The time spent on it is probably about the same either way, but this gives you control along with an extra copy (the original) as backup.

As for recovery of earlier recordings, have you done a search for .wav files to see if it got saved, but just isn't appearing. Judging by another thread I saw on the topic, it looks like this might be happening to some users.

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