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(Archived) Feature request: Tagging by color




I think it would be very awesome if you could search your notebooks by color. So that when I add an image I assign red, green and yellow (or even better fitting shades). It could autotag it like dribbble does.

I believe this would be very useful for everybody using evernote to collect inspirational files.


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Have you looked at Colorstache?:


I haven't used it myself but I remember it as a 2011 DevCup finalist:

Colorstache offers a new way for Evernote users to browse and search their notes: by color. Colorstache analyzes the images contained in your Evernote account, identifies the five primary colors in each image, and makes them discoverable though a color wheel. This is a great way to get a completely new view of your Evernote account.

Colorstache was a finalist in the Evernote Developer Competition.

-- roschler

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