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(Archived) Where do we discuss the Skitch iOS beta



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I am on the Skitch iOS beta but we are on beta 3 or something and there hasn't been an updated thread since beta 1 (from way back in Sept) and no one from Evernote is responding to it. Unlike most EN betas, the beta info has no "Discuss this beta in this thread" link on the emails.

I assume we are on the beta to provide feedback, I just don't know where to do it.

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You can actually create your own threads in the private beta areas--we have no problem with that at all. Helps to break up discussions away from larger threads.

I'll get someone to take a look at the betas we're pushing out and I'll ensure we have the dev team looking at all feedback on the beta area. Looks like we pushed out a few versions in rapid succession to our testers. Thanks for upping this Ed.

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Thanks GBarry. I can do that, and will. I just didn't know if it was being followed because the older thread isn't and a newer one wasn't created like one seems to be for most (all?) of the other betas EN has had.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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