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(Archived) Disappearing notes

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I've also had a problem with a disappearing notes. Only the title remains. I sync between 2 Macs, 1 PC and an iPhone. So far, problems have affected only a couple of notes but it's getting me pretty worried as this a heavily used app for me.

The history log shows this particular note was created 4 months ago. Previously, I used that history to restore the missing content. But now, even that has disappeared. Now, viewing the note history only displays the following.

Note History

Today 7:32 AM

(Current version) Import

Only there's nothing to import...

It is strange, as I was nowhere near the app at that particular time (7:32AM) either. I have gone through support and placed a ticket (#16051-204377). Hopefully this will get resolved soon. FWIW, I've had problems with this particular note in the past month or so. These problems occurred after installing a new version.

I did manage to effect a partial solution.

Since my PC does not get as much use as the Macs, I powered it up and quickly opened Evernote, then immediately copied the missing data from an older version of this particular note before it too vanished- approximately 30 seconds after opening the app. I then pasted the copied data into a new note with a different name. It's by no means complete but I was desperate to salvage whatever I could.

Moderator: Split from original topic (http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/32885-finding-blankempty-notes/) since that topic was about finding blank/empty posts.

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