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This is a FYI for any who are interested. It's an email that I sent to Robert Oschler for his unceasing work to improve BitQwik http://bitqwik.com/

Thank you Robert,

I download and install nearly all of your recommendations. Please remember that I'm a 75 year-old user with a penchant for

taking the paths of least resistance when it comes to technology. I'll use most often what I'm comfortable with and unfortunately won't get into

much of a learning curve with other features. I'm absolutely delighted with what I've learned to use thus far. However, if you have some simple

"search" features that you think could be learned by me quickly, don't hesitate to suggest them.

Thank you once more for allowing me to participate in your work. BitQwik has simplified my searches of Evernote beyond my own ability to comprehend.

Best wishes for this Christmas season and always,

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Thank you friend Gazumped. If you haven't already done so, take BitQwik for a "spin." I have absolutely no personal or business connection with the author other than an excellent experience with his, so far free, excellent product and him as a responsive and responsible person. Best wishes to you and all this Christmas.


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Thank you for the recommendation. I'm following the development of this software with interest - as you said before, BitQwik makes it much easier to use Evernote's detailed search grammar.

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