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10 Tips To Use Evernote More Efficiently


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Hi Everybody,

We wrote some tips on how to make Evernote work better for you.


In short, we think the following are important techniques to make Evernote work better:

  1. Always use labels,
  2. Try to use short titles,
  3. Put things in separate files - do not merge notes
  4. Backup / export your notes
  5. and more

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what you wrote, makes sense. Except that in EN, the terminology is a bit different. There are no folders, but notebooks. No labels but tags. This may confuse some beginners.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks for comments - we have fixed the post to use Evernote terminology. Please check it out. We also add one more post about security steps: http://blog.cloudhq.net/post/38828718396/five-steps-to-securing-your-data-on-evernote

We are sorry that I personally as a founder post our blog posts. We not creating fake online profiles nor hire PR companies to promote our service. I understand that is quite different what other companies do - but we really want to help and solve some problems and challenges some Evernote users have. If you have any questions about our service just email us or call us. We also have online chat on our website.


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