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(Archived) iOS Evernote 5 - Loves, Lost, Fixed and Broken

Mike Wood

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Just dropping by in case anything's got better in the last few months. Doesn't look like it ! :-(


For me EN for ios will remain a piece of junk until I get a split window with a list of folders down the left side, snippet view or at least titles in a second column and the contents of the highlighted note in the main right hand window. This is the only fast way to browse a large structured collection of notes if you don't choose to tag everything.


I hate the current wasteful notebooks screen on the ios version and the fact that I have to change windows into it in order to move between notebooks.


Evernote has a perfectly good example of the layout that many of us want in vn 3.3.0 for OS-X. Until that's available on all current versions I'm a customer under protest and ready to jump ship the minute I find a better alternative.


It's 2013. There's no excuse for poor user interface design.


Oh, and as everything's driven by money and happy customers are the best possible salesmen for a product, please take note:

I used to rave about Evernote to everyone. Since you broke it, I don't recommend it to anyone...

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On apples iPad mail client you can skip from adress field to the subject field to the body of the actual mail...with the TAB button on your bluetooth keyboard. I am using it icw the iPad...unfortunately evernote fails to respond to my keyboard upon creating a new note, it also reacts kind of poorly to finger tapping in the beginning when it starts up your blank new note...might wanna take a look at it, or maybe I am not up to dat :-)

Thanks , its a lovely piece of software!

Andreas van den Akker

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@ jhull


S1. Ability to filter Places view to a specific search criteria or notebook. This should be put back and added to the iPad too, its brillant to filter whilst house hunting, eating out etc.


Please bring this feature back! Please, please, please!!!


It is currently available on Android.

Why was it removed from IOS?


We are all stuck with an older version EN 4.4.1 and none of us can upgrade to EN 5 because of this.


If there are no plans to restore this, would you please let us know?

We will then either look for alternatives or perhaps could use Android phones.


Thank you.



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