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(Archived) Applescript to Find Notes WITHOUT Tag



I've created an Applescript to export all the PDFs I have in an EN notebook to an archive folder on my Mac. I've got it working for all the existing notes I have, but as I add new ones, I want it to archive those as well with an Applescript that would run once a day. The problem is in determining what notes are new. I can't simply archive everything with today or yesterdays creation date since I modify the creation date of notes I add (eg when I add a receipt, I change the creation date of the note to match the one on the receipt).

A few things I considered include:

  • Having the script add an "Archived" tag to each note after it exports the PDF, but then finding new notes would require the ability to search for all notes that DON'T have the "Archived" tag, and I can't see how to do that.
  • If I used the "Archived" tag option, I also considered finding every note in the notebook, then finding every note with the "Archived" tag, then comparing the two lists and returning the differences, which should be every note that doesn't have the "Archived" tag, but my Applescript skills don't seem to be up to the task (I'm a "copy and paste" programmer, but learning).
  • I could of course manually add a tag to every note I create, and then have the script remove it after an export, but that leaves too much room for user error.

Anyone have suggestions on how to accomplish my task?

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Hello jpfieber,

I'm out my depths here since I'm primarily a Windows user, but can you use the Evernote "-tag:" operator with Apple script? If you use it just like that, with the preceding minus sign and no value following the colon, it will return all notes that have no tags.

-- roschler

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