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(Archived) Making a phone call from Evernote

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Apologies if this is old news, but it's the first time I've been able to make calls from my Android from links saved in Evernote.

The prompt came via a Busyness blog post by Dr Brad Semp who found that by using the add hyperlink option in Evernote to delete the http:// and show 'tel:<your phone number>' instead (without the quotes), he could then use the link to one-click dial (Edial?) that number from an Enote on his 'phone. It doesn't seem to matter how many characters there are in the number - some UK contacts have 11 digits and they work fine.

Don't know how far this will translate to other OS's, but it's certainly possible to use the desktop-only add hyperlink function in Windows to add that to a note, and -when it syncs to my Android- tapping that link onscreen pops up my dialler with the number already selected. Push 'go' and you're calling...

Not being able to set this up from the phone is a nuisance, but - after a recent experience when I was running 5 minutes late and wanted to warn a colleague that I'd be along, but could not find a working contact number anywhere (long but frustrating story) so finally wound up 25 minutes adrift after wasting time looking - I'll certainly use the trick to make sure I have an emergency contact link for any future meetings.

Will have to look into how using this trick affects PDFs and whether it's easier to set up the links in a spreadsheet and copy across to Evernote - which may be possible from the phone too...

If there are any budding app developers out there, utilities to convert contacts from desktop-base systems to Evernote would be nice.

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