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(Archived) Reorganization count in monthly bandwidth allotment?

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My Evernote has become a complete mess, and I'm working on a new organization scheme (more tags less notebooks.) I'm about to embark on an effort to retag almost every note in my account, and move most of them as well. I'm wondering how this will affect my monthly bandwidth. Will moving a note be like creating a new note and deleting the old one, or is it more bandwidth efficient than that? What about adding tags? Does that reload the entire note, or just the new tags?


P.S. I love Evernote, especially with the new Windows Mobile client.

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Your upload allowance is used whenever you add a note to any synchronized notebook for the first time, and then again if you cause that note to get bigger by adding text to it or by adding new resources (images/audio/pdf/etc.). If you take a resource from a note, edit it, and put it back in, you'll be "charged" for the size of the new edited resource.

Tagging notes or moving them between synchronized notebook won't affect your allowance at all. The same goes for minor metadata changes like changing the title, etc.

If you move a note from a local (non-synchronized) notebook to a synchronized notebook, this will count against your allowance.

As you perform operations, the little upload allowance meter in the client will update to show how much allowance you would have after your next sync. You can use this to see the potential impact of any changes before you hit sync.

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