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(Archived) Aggregate "Tasks" into a single note


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I realize Evernote does not consider itself a "task" tool, but the to do list check-box feature is a nice way to capture actions and follow-ups from the many notebooks I have running based on the project.

I also realize that I can search todo:* to see all the check-boxes that exist and whether or not they are checked or not. However, I don't think the results of that search are all that useful. I prefer to see a single view.

However, here is the feature I'd like to see and I'm wondering if others feel the same:

All 'check-boxes' can be auto aggregated into a singular notebook view or dynamic todo list and still remain in their individual notebooks. That singular view of all the check-boxes would show the following:

- The action/todo

- What notebook it resides in

- Perhaps a priority flag (nice to have, but not needed)

If I check the box as complete in either the aggregated notebook or the original notebook itself, the action reflects in both places.

My two cents...


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I have been working and developing todo into Evernote for a few months now. Here is what I do. I restrict use of tags to todo purposes only in order to get some way to what you seek to achieve. I happen to use these tags that are a very simple GTD approach. I am not into complexity.




So I can have a saved search search for "todo:false tag:1next" for things to do today, and the note snippet pane provides my list of things to do today. I keep this saved search in my title bar for handiness.

PS, for those who use tags for other purposes, I find that adding keywords to the title achieves the same result. This keeps my tags pure and for todo, context and urgency only.

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