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(Archived) Feature request: stream view mode

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I've tried so many great note taking programs, eventually stuck with Evernote, but honestly can't understand why the following feature isn't available anywhere.

Let's take a silly example, let's say I'm trying to gather all tidbits of information I can find on apples. I'll see an apple, and I'll take a picture of it in a note. Someone tells me an interesting fact about apples, I jot it down in a new note. And so on and so forth, until I have a bunch of notes all tagged "#apples" or all saved in my notebook "Apples", take your pick. Then one day I'd like to review all that I've learned on the subject, so I select the tag or open the notebook, and what I find is a messy looking stack of notes I have to open individually just to read factoid #1; see pic #2, ... There's no nice, clean-looking overview of all the info I have on one particular subject. No matter which view mode you choose, at most you get to see the first few lines of a note, or a partial picture in your overview.

What I'm dying to see is a sort of "note stream" view mode. Basically showing top to bottom: note #1 completely, fancy divider line, note #2 completely, fance divider line, ... That way I can just fluently scroll down all I've written, clipped, photographed, ... on a single subject. To edit/view a separate note I could still just tap between the divider lines on that specific note. List, thumbnail, snippet, stream. Easy :)

I personally think this is a general enough feature to be useful to alot of people and won't get in the way of any other functionality. I know the desktop version has the merge function, but that's a workaround and doesn't do me any good on my tablet. In a world where everything's supposed to be minimal and easy I don't like that, let alone crawling through a pile of short notes.

So who's with me? ;)



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Sounds like that would be a good third-party tool, if nothing else. On the Windows client, about the best you'd be able to do is use the Thumbnail note list view. Don't know what's available for other clients, though.

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Thanks for your reply, Jeff. Indeed, Thumbnail view for me has the same limitation most other views have: you don't see all information. I can understand the way the Windows client is currently structured, it might not fit in as well, with all the panes. But on my android tablet I think it might fit the design well to see a stream of full notes, instead of list or thumb view.

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