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(Archived) Web clipping from site that requires login

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I'd like to clip the content from a web page that requires login using the drag-and-drop feature from my Firefox browser address bar. When I try to do so, Evernote lacks my user login information and simply inserts a message from the web site that asks me to login.

How can I configure Evernote with my login information or at least get it to prompt me for the credentials?



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When you use the Javascript browser-only web clipper, Evernote's servers need to retrieve the page if you attempt to clip the entire page. You have two options:

If you select part of the page that you want to clip before you hit the clipping button, then Evernote will get a copy of that selected part from your browser, which will avoid the access control issues. This won't, however, allow us to access protected images.

If you install our full desktop client on one of your computers, that will come with a clipper that will save directly into your desktop client instead of trying to retrieve the content from the remote web server. This will allow you to clip what you see in the browser, even for private pages.

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Thank you for the reply! But I think I am using the full desktop client. I downloaded it (Version 1.1.6) for my Mac (version 10.5.5.) That's where I'm seeing the problem. But maybe I'm doing something wrong? I'm dragging the icon to the left of the address in Firefox to the folder list in Evernote. I'm seeing "clipper activity" in the activity window. But the page just says, "need to login".

Or did I not download the right desktop client? I'm certainly glad to pay for a version if I'm not currently in possession of the "full" version and this problem will be fixed.

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Aha ... Firefox on the Mac has some unique issues, unfortunately. You have a few options ...

If you're only trying to copy plain text content, you can use Firefox by first selecting the text in the web page, then:

Copy (Cmd-C)

Paste to Evernote from the menubar icon (or Ctrl-Cmd-V)

Unfortunately, this won't maintain styles or images due to Firefox's limited support for the Mac clipboard.

If you do this same thing from Safari 3, then you can copy formatted HTML plus images, too.

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When I use clipping inside Firefox to send the page to EN desktop, is any information sent to EN servers at that point?

On Windows, if you clip directly to the Windows app, then Firefox doesn't talk to our server. If you put the note into a synchronized notebook and then sync, that obviously goes to us.

On the Mac, the desktop clipper copies from the Mac clipboard to the desktop client, again without going through the service unless you sync the resulting note.

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