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We are a team of Realtors new to using evernote. We are working on a project and would like to build a plan in evernote and have the ability for 3 of us to check off things as done and syncronize so we are all up to date - is it possible to share in this manner with evernote?

If so any tips would be appreciated.


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Hi and welcome to the forums !

Well, there are several ways to do this, depending on your particular needs and situation.

Ideas that come to mind:

You could set up a new notebook for each location/client and give sharing and editing priviliges to all 3 of you.

This way all 3 of you have access to the same data and if you sync regularly you are always up to date from whatever device you choose to access your data.

Each notebook holds all information (notes) peratining to that particular client/location

In addition I'd create a few tags, maybe:

clientinfo (name, address etc.)



name1, name2, name3 (who is serving this client)

documentation (floor plans, zoning)


You get the idea. After you set this up and enter all your info you can do searches including and excluding tags and have all your info at your fingertips. Hth,


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