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(Archived) How does "Clear cache" work?


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EN 5.1, iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1, no offline notebooks

I switch iPad to Airplane Mode, open Evernote, go into menu, tap on "Clear Cache" button, confirm, close Evernote, open Evernote again and I have most of ny recent notes available including their content.

I expected the contents to be cleared. Am I missing something?

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Fixed?? Or ***** disabled?? This is not a Cache Clearing option, it is a completly data obliteration.....Who teach this guys how to program???  This option deleted everything that was not sync in my iPad..... I am making a backup of everything that was not destroyed to move to another trusted apps...... DONT USE THIS APPS, IT IS DANGEROUS FOR YOUR DATA!!!!!!

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A bit of hyperbole.

When you're offline, or cannot sync for any reason (could be anything from corporate firewall rules, to a monthly upload limit) everything done is stored locally in a cache.

The cache is a local temporary copy.  You need to commit that cache to permanent storage (Evernote servers).  Consequently you should never empty the cache until you've confirmed a successful sync to servers.

It's like writing files to an external portable hard drive.  The write actually stores to a cache so that you can move on to other things, and then the cache writes to the drive in the background.  If you yank the drive out before that finishes, you'll lose the data.

I would grant that the app should warn of data loss if you elect to proceed.

But it does warn first with a pop-up, explaining what the cache does and confirming that you want to proceed.

But it would be clever if it noted unsynced records present and highlighted that fact.

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