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(Archived) HELP! Recovering items from trash

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Hi...new to the Forum.

I inadvertently clicked on the Trash button while entering information onto an existing Note. It immediately "trashed" that note without asking for a confirmation.

Now I'm trying to recover the Note and don't know where to turn.

Please HELP!


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I'm using Evernote (only). On a Mac Power PC...recently upgraded to Mountain Lion. Syncing with iPhone 5.

(Quickly checked the iPhone, and the synch happened and deleted the Note from my Evernote app there too...ugh!

Btw, up to this point, I'm loving everything about Evernote.

:blush: Oops! Found the answer in the Support FAQ's...

Look for the Trash container in the Notebooks tab, open the Trash...restore your note...done.

Thanx for the help....now I'm back to loving Evernote.


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