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(Archived) Ability to share notebook & then delete on my end


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So I used Evernote in my job, and created Notebooks for personal stuff and work stuff, but now I'm leaving my job and want to give my work notebook to my replacement. I can share it with him, but I want to delete all the work stuff from my account. How can I give the notebook to him permanently and then get rid of it for myself?

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One way that I know of: export the notebook to Evernote format (you'll wind up with a .enex file), hand off the .enex file to your successor, and they can import it into their Evernote database. You'll need to both have access to desktop Evernote clients for this to work.

You might also be able to share your notebook to him/her, and they can copy the notes to their own notebook. That might be easier, so I'd try that one first. Edit: ugh, looks like you can only copy one note at a time. Probably not too feasible.

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