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(Archived) Digital pen with Evernote?

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Has anyone ever used a digital pen like the Dane-Elec Zpen or the Livescribe or the Leapfrog Fusion with Evernote?

The Zpen, for example, will keep a copy of the handwritten notes you do, but its handwriting recognition software probably isn’t as good as Evernote, and it doesn’t work on Linux or Mac. Seems like a good combo with Evernote though.

Anyone using any of these pens?


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I recently purchased a Livescribe Pulse pen with this purpose in mind. Turns out the basic recognition using the Livescribe Desktop software (both Windows and Mac beta) works better than Evernote. I tested by taking a page from the Livescribe Desktop (while broadcasting at my college radio station, I handwrite my playlists using the Pulse pen into the special notebook), exporting it as a PDF, and then uploading the PDF to Evernote as well as converting the PDF to JPG and uploading the JPG to Evernote. My handwriting is pretty atrocious (largely because of how fast I need to write down what I played, and I'm juggling 2 turntables and 2 CD decks at the same time). When I search the band name 'Human League' (words that can get all mushed together when I write it out), Livescribe finds the full words in various places, outlining the script of the word. Evernote can't find it in the PDF, nor in the JPG (although if you just search for 'Hum' it's found, search for 'Lea' and it finds something else).

I've also tried the MyScript (Windows-only) plugin for Livescribe which actually spits out text that you can cut/copy and paste with ease. It seems to not be as good as Livescribe itself, but then Livescribe for some reason won't let you access the plain-text (it must be doing a similar trick as Evernote - associating the text it thinks is there as metatags with some sort of x-y clipping rectangle where it thinks the word is).

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I use the (now defunct) Logitech i02 pen with EN. I have to copy and paste the ink notes into EN. I used to use MyScript and copy that too, but now I find that searching the ink notes using EN's text recognition works great, and I rarely need to copy and paste the recognized text, so I stopped using MyScript.

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