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(Archived) Feature Suggestion

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I'm a avid user of Evernote (premium) across Mac and iOS (iPad mini and iPhone). I use it a lot and have been thinking about the software and have the following suggestions. I don't know if anyone cares but I thought I would post it here anyway;

First thing is kinda not a new feature but constancy across devices when it comes to editing text. On my iOS devices I can select pre-styled formatting such as Headings, subheadings, quotes and body - but this feature is nowhere on the desktop application. I think consistency between these would be great as the predefined styles help me save a lot of time when formatting on iOS and on a desktop would allow me to have consistency between my notes.

Next thing I guess would be a new feature and put simply its "Highlighting". I wish to be able to highlight text or an image in a note for various reasons. I think this would be simple to implement. Some features surrounding this could be a 'smart search' of all highlighted text etc in my notes. I also use the camera note feature a lot on iOS - taking photos of hand written notes and printouts - I think it would be great if this feature could detect real world highlights on a physical page and add these to the 'smart search' for highlights. When in a note you could also 'hide' anything thats not highlighted and just see what important from that note.

Anyway, that my 2 cents.


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