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(Archived) Getting inline PDFs to show up inline when printing...



I use Evernote to take many of my lab notes. As part of this, I have quite a few PDF documents that are actually either figures or equations (from LaTeXiT).

For example:


These are displayed inline when viewing them, which is great, and exactly what I want. However, in trying to print the notes, every inline PDF is replaced with a box saying "PDF Attachment." It appears that, were I to actually print it to a printer, it would print every inline PDF as a separate page after printing the notes. This is very much not what I need.

Is there some way to print a note with inline PDFs displayed just as they are when viewing the note? It seems this is the norm when the inline attachments are PNGs, but I don't want everything to be pixellated, and so need to use a vector format.

I apologize if the answer to this is obvious; it's a very hard question to search for without being drowned out by people printing to PDF.

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No apology necessary; I've been looking for the same, for a while. My understanding from other threads is that printing notes with visible/expanded inline PDFs isn't an available option. You can print the PDF or print the note, but you can't print the two together as viewed on screen.

Makes me nuts too. <_<

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