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(Archived) Tags changed on Mac OS and appear on iOS, minus notes




I have been using Evernote for a few years as a premium user and after years of trying many to do apps, I decided to use the Secret Weapon which is working fine.

After experimenting a little with tag names, I changed my tags on my Mac from Now (1) back to 1.Now, Next (2) to 2.Next, etc.

The tags appear on both iOS devices, with the correct number next to them of the notes that have that tag, but selecting the tag only brings up the recent (today's) note that I changed today, but none of the others.

I have completed syncs on the Mac, restarted the Mac app and both iOS apps too (and restarted the iPhone and iPad), and synced again and again, but the notes still appear to be missing on the tag links both iOS devices. Mac is working fine though.

Any clues?

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Sounds related to the "rename tags on iOS (v5)" bug. A support request was already opened to evernote (while I was still premium). No reply, no update, it auto-closed.

You can band-aid fix it most likely by uninstalling evernote on the iOS devices and re-installing (forcing all the headers to re-download).

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