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(Archived) ✔ Export notes doesn't work after last update

Semih Tekten

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I updated my Evernote to version yesterday. I wanted to manually backup my notes as usual.

But when I right click "All notes" and choose "Export notes" nothing happens.

I can click All Notes, select all Notes with Ctrl+A, go to File>Export and backup notes; but I think there is a difference between selecting all notes and export them AND right click "All Notes" and export them.

So what should I do?


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Same here. I am using Evernote on Windows 7 (64 bit) and it does not export properly.

Previously I can just go to "All Notes", right click and export to various formats but now it does not work.

If you "select all" and export, you can but the folder structure is lost.

Please fix asap ! Thanks.

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Try clicking on "All My Notes" in the notebook list in the left panel. If you have had notebooks shared to you, All Notes includes the shared notebooks, whereas All My Notes excludes them. Note that this is just a guess; I'm not in a position currently to export all of my notes.

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A my god, same problem here, what a *****, every new version something crashes, the last one was the URLs that were opened inside the note messing up all the content, im afraid i will go to 4.5 forever or so...........

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