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(Archived) No picture scanning

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Are you waiting a few minutes after synchronizing the image before you try to sync? On the Mac, you can expand the full note Info to see whether its images have received their server-generated image processing data yet.

If you wanted to put a representative image into a Public notebook, we can take a look at the details of the image processing for that image.

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Thanks for supplying this image. This happened to get particularly poor results due to a number of small factors that influenced our current image processing algorithms:

* Underlines near some of the words disrupted some of the detection

* Printing in inverse colors with different contrast

* JPEG image compression "noise"

* German language words (Our current dictionary is English-only, which means we'll do a better job with English words, and have to do German letter-by-letter.)

We tested this against the next image processing update from R&D, which is currently in testing internally, and it does a much better job. This image will go into our data set for testing purposes.

Thanks for your help

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