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(Archived) Permissions Still Borked


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Edit: Reading your note more carefully, it looks like this is by design. I think you should push the Google team to get more granular permissions settings.

Hi, I read that you pushed out a new version that required more permissions, and then were going to replace it with a version that did not. The most recent version of Web Clipper available from my Chrome store still requires access to all websites and tabs. This is unacceptable from a privacy standpoint. In case there is any doubt about the new permissions showing up under 5.9.3, I have attached a screenshot. Please let me know when you have changed the permissions back.


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I never had a problem with Evernote recording data on my clipped pages before. The permissions are a complete invasion of privacy and I am very disappointed with Evernote for asking this. I have uninstalled the extension. Id there a third party extension in Google that will do the same thing without trying to steal our facebook friends list?

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@DesertEagle - the 2 permissions we request is what we fundamentally need to create clips. More info can be found here: https://support.evernote.com/link/portal/16051/16058/Article/543/How-Evernote-for-Google-Chrome-uses-user-information

We did make a mistake asking for one additional set of permission in the first 5.9.3 build. That has since been corrected and the version in the Web Store today is back to the original 2 permissions.

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