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(Archived) Evernote fails to sync


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I have Evernote installed on my Samsung Galaxy S3...after working for a few months it has now for several months been giving the error: 'Sync Failed'

I have contacted support and not received a reply..I'm trying this again.

Another thread suggested installing a desktop client and deleting trash...I did this but it didn't work.

When I press 'send log' this is the details I get...

IsTablet: false

Locale: en_AU

Service: https://www.evernote.com

Package: com.evernote

Brand: samsung

Model: GT-I9300

Network operator: 50502 / YES OPTUS

Android version: 4.0.4

Evernote version: 4.4.1

Evernote revision: master_90

Evernote type: public

Internal storage: 969 MB / 11 GB

External storage: 969 MB / 11 GB


I could try 'logging out' and back in again on the Samsung..but could this mean I lose all my notes that are stored locally on the phone?

Or will they still be there?

What can I try?

At the very least I want to save all my notes out of the program...but I can't even email them as this option is greyed out...only method I can think of is to manually copy and paste them out...

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Sync failure on android is a common problem with me too. I might jave raised 5-6 tickets for this over time.

Don't give up with their tech support, it is not the best but they will eventually sort things out. It once took me a month and cancellation of subscription to get them to update the app and fix a bug which was causing sync failure.

Try one of these in the meanwhile:

1. Check which note is the culprit- usually the app stucks up at one bad note- tap and hold on last few notes- one that didn't sync will not have the share or email options

2. Try deleting the last 2-3 notes (only after emailing them to yourself for a backup)

3. Restart the phone

Evernote tech support will send you a standard reply to logout and login. Poor suggestion for a user who keeps multiple GBs of data offline. If they ask you and you have large offline data, don't do it. You will have to redownload everything,

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Less drastic, and much faster than uninstalling and reinstalling. I just went into settings/application manager/evernote and tapped the "clear data" button. On starting up Evernote, all I had to do was re-enter my password, and the sync succeeded immediately thereafter.

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I am having sync problems now too. Can't uninstall and reinstall Evernote since it comes bundled up with my Android - all I can do is uninstall all updates of Evernote and reset to the factory version. Cleaning data, deleting Evernote files on internal SD, rebooting phone, did not help. Any ideas?

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